Covid poses "greatest threat to mental health since the second world war." Learn more about how we're supporting people during this challenging time.

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Covid poses "greatest threat to mental health since the second world war." Learn more about how we're supporting people during this challenging time.

Depression & anxiety group therapy beginning 9th May (morning and evening sessions available). Click here for more information.

Couple's Counselling

People often turn to couple's counselling when the relationship has become sour. Too frequently as a last resort before breaking up. Yet, it can benefit those in the early stages of a relationship as well as those who have a rhythm. Regardless of how you identify or if you think your problems are trivial, you'll benefit from having an experienced couple's counsellor provide non-judgemental support.
Life's challenges

What are you struggling with?

Many couples seek help in times of upheaval and crisis. However, difficulties may well have been present for some time and often result from long-standing hurt and anger. One or both individuals may even get to the point they no longer want to be in the relationship, leaving them feeling isolated and misunderstood by the other partner. These are some of the issues that have brought couples to us for support:

Anger & resentment
Bereavement & grief
Communication breakdown
Differences in upbringing
Drifting apart
Financial pressures
Lack of intimacy
Marital affairs
Parenting differences
Sexual issues
live in the present

Why should you speak with a counsellor?

We're trained to be non-judgemental, and we go into every counselling session with an open mind. Your life and your experiences are yours.
What you share will never be used as water-cooler conversation. We won't share your story with our friends. Have confidence that we're discrete.
We'll make a commitment to see you every week at an agreed time. We're reliable and the time allocated to you is yours.
Focus on you
We're not here to talk about us. The focus in every session is you and your wellbeing. You've got someone who's solely focussed on supporting your mental health.
We're trained to understand how to work effectively with people. We're also a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) who ensures standards are kept high.
Less alone
Often, people feel unable to share their feelings and challenges with the people in their life. Having someone who is a complete stranger, who doesn't know you and won't judge you, can give you the freedom to talk about anything.
a personalised approach for every client

How does therapy work?

Book the initial consultation
For most people, this first step is the hardest. You're not crazy. You're not falling apart. You haven't failed. Seeking therapy is not an admission that you're weak.
Learn what to expect
We want you to know what to expect from the therapy. It's nothing to be worried about but definitely worth learning more.
Attend your first appointment
The initial consultation is a "finding out" pre-therapy meeting where you tell us a bit about your situation and what you would like to address. We'll also ask you to complete some paperwork.

Whilst face-to-face sessions are available upon request, most are currently taking place online through our video portal. You can speak with your therapist from anywhere in the world, and you won't be required to install any software. Learn more about our online therapy option.

What to expect

What happens in your first session?

Your first session with the therapist will be different from future visits. The initial visit is an opportunity for you and your therapist to get to know each other and plan ahead. 

You will be asked about the relationship history, family history, and personal history. Your counsellor will listen to the concerns you'd like to bring up about the relationship. Once the first initial questions are asked, the counsellor will help you identify the issues within the relationship, which will be the focus of therapy.

It's normal to wonder what you are about to get yourself into. Making that first step to go for counselling is a courageous step. 
Outline your goals and what you'd like to get from therapy
It may sound boring, but there will be some paperwork to fill out. Don't worry, you're not signing away your life
Strategise and plan ahead for the next couple of sessions
Arrange date and time for the next appointment
clients only

Check-in sessions

Between sessions – whether weekly, biweekly or monthly – you may want to get in touch with your therapist. Not for a full session, but to connect with them about something; you've had a breakthrough, a trigger has caused a spiral, or you'd like to bounce an idea off someone.

Our "Check-In Sessions" allow you to meet with your therapist for a short, potent 20-minute consultation. Diving straight into the issue at hand, your therapist will listen, unpack and provide support until your next planned session. These sessions are only available for current clients, and we offer one free "Check-In Session" to every client who makes the 3-session commitment.

Due to their conciseness, these sessions take place through our online video portal. Here's a summary of what you'll get:

Supportive appointment between sessions
First "Check-In Session" is free
Flexible session tailored to your needs
For clients only
Beginning your journey

3-session commitment

After the initial consultation, we'll invite you to commit to 3 counselling sessions. Why? Because those who commit to the therapy process benefit the most from therapy.

We've also found that having this provision in place increases the likelihood of our clients seeing the process through to completion. Only then do they experience the relief they're looking for and become the best version of themselves.

After the first 3 sessions, appointments are open-ended, and we'll continue to support you for as long as you need our assistance.

Note: For those struggling financially, we're happy to make allowances and wave this condition.


Frequently asked questions

What is couple's counselling?
Couples counselling is a form of psychotherapy focused on helping a couple work through challenges, understand their relationship better, and develop healthier ways of relating to one another. The therapist uses specific therapeutic techniques and interventions to support the couple's goals. Many couples come to couples therapy because they're dealing with a particular challenge, such as communication issues, difficulties around sex, affairs, or considering a breakup.
Will the counsellor give you advice?
Your counsellor is not there to give you advice, tell you what to do or judge you in any way. Couples' counselling aims to help you come to your own decisions because only you know how you feel in any given situation and give you the tools to create the relationship you desire.
What if I miss a scheduled appointment?
We appreciate life can throw unexpected curveballs. If you're unable to attend, please let us know at the earliest opportunity. However, if you don't provide a minimum of 48 hours notice, you'll be charged at the session's full rate.
How long does a session last?
The first session, called the Initial Consultation, lasts for 60 minutes. Each session after that is scheduled for 90 minutes, giving you both enough time to share and work through your challenges.
What happens during couple's counselling?
Typically, couples counselling involves talking through relationship challenges with a neutral party (your therapist) who is trained to help you get to the bottom of the issue. The therapist will ask specific questions to help you communicate in a healthier, more honest way, understand each other's perspectives and feelings better, and develop new ways of approaching conflicts. During sessions, therapists teach couples new relational skills, such as expressing desires as wants instead of criticisms. They also watch for issues like clinical depression, which might look like disappointment in your partner but is a clinical condition that needs to be treated.
When should you go to couple's counselling?

If you have the same fight over and over again without resolution, it might be time to see a therapist. You can also go see a therapist if you're feeling stuck about how to manage a hard decision together, if you're considering splitting up, or if there's been a significant stressor on the relationship such as unfaithfulness, financial strain, or trauma.

Healthy couples can benefit from couples therapy, too. It's an opportunity to improve your connection and communication. So you shouldn't just go if you're having problems. Our team meets with couples who just want to make their good relationships better and learn new relationship skills.

How soon will you start to notice things getting better?
Although it will probably take a little while for you to experience recovery from the problems that led you to seek out treatment, you'll likely notice some improvements early on.

Many clients will notice some gains in their general sense of wellbeing after just a few sessions. These early improvements may include increased hope and optimism, the relief that comes from sharing your challenges, and knowing that there is a way to overcome them.

Although these early gains are a good sign, they do not always signify lasting change. It typically takes continued sessions and effort to notice a more enduring reduction in your symptoms and for things to get back to normal in your life (i.e., at work or school, with family and friends).
Is everything we say confidential?
All information disclosed in therapy sessions is treated as confidential. However, there are specific instances in which it may be necessary to breach confidentiality. These are very rare, and we will discuss them in your first session. We will, wherever possible, inform you before taking this action.
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We help individuals who are struggling to manage life’s challenges by providing therapeutic support to be the best version of themselves.
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Be the best version of you
Our mission is to enable this
Online & COVID-19 friendly
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Fast and secure payments
We help individuals who are struggling to manage life’s challenges by providing therapeutic support to be the best version of themselves.
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