Covid poses "greatest threat to mental health since the second world war." Learn more about how we're supporting people during this challenging time.

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Covid poses "greatest threat to mental health since the second world war." Learn more about how we're supporting people during this challenging time.

Depression & anxiety group therapy beginning 9th May (morning and evening sessions available). Click here for more information.

For businesses and organisations

Workplace counselling

Businesses and organisations often call upon the services of counsellors and therapists at times of particular crisis. Staff bereavements, accidents, stress management, redundancy programmes and organisational transitions are just some of the reasons for our expertise. This employee assistance program provides its workers with a way to help deal with personal and work-related issues.
It shouldn't be like this

Your employees are struggling

We all experience life-crisis issues at different stages in our lives. Experiences such as bereavement and loss, relationship and family difficulties, substance misuse (including alcohol issues) and stresses at home can all preoccupy someone's thinking and distract them from work.

Approximately one in four adults in our nation are affected by a mental health disorder, a substance abuse disorder or both. More than 75% of people suffering from behavioural health disorders are in the workforce.

These problems can affect an employee's work performance through lowered productivity levels, increased absenteeism and tense relationships with coworkers.

Research conducted in 2012 indicated that employees suffering from stress-related health conditions miss more than 30 days off sick yearly (on average). The National Counselling Society summarised a DWP report, stating that one in three absences from work is due to mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Where to begin

What is workplace counselling?

Workplace counselling is therapy offered to employees of a company, often through an employee assistance program (EAP), that provides employees with a safe place to discuss any issues they're struggling with.

Because workplace counselling is short-term, the focus of the counselling sessions is on problem-solving. Counsellors help clients implement solutions to the issues in their lives or develop more effective ways of coping with challenges.

Reap the benefits

Employer benefits

Reduction in sickness absence rates by as much as 50%
A 2010 systematic study by McLeod of the research evidence, showed that workplace counselling interventions have been found to reduce sickness absence rates. This fact alone demonstrates the cost-effective nature of therapy and the positive impact on an organisation's productivity.
Save money
Studies focused on individual organisations have further reinforced this positive financial message. An evaluation by the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology in 1990 found that introducing a counselling service at the Post Office saved it £102,000 over six months.
Happier, more positive and secure employees
A 2012 Cambridge University study showed the positive effect of time-limited counselling on distressed clients (an average of seven sessions). Evidence drawn from a sizeable treatment group suggested that such counselling leads to an increased sense of wellbeing.
Increased access to therapeutic support
In 2015, a UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) study reviewed the outcome of more than 28,000 EAP counselling interventions. A key finding from the research is that 70% of the employees were demonstrably shown to recover or improve following their counselling intervention. Additionally, EAPs were shown to offer shorter waiting times for treatment than services available on the NHS. Employees were vastly more likely to see the counselling treatment through to completion.
Giving your workforce the necessary support

Employee benefits

Improved employee performance leading to productivity gains
Happy employees are typically more inclined to put maximum effort into their job. They are more pleasant for customers and colleagues to deal with, meaning that your business's overall image is likely to improve. Happy employees are often less inclined to look for another job and more likely to contribute to a healthy, fun working atmosphere. All of this can ultimately produce positive effects on a company's bottom line.
Decreased employee absenteeism
When untreated, stress can escalate into severe mental health problems like depression, leaving employees unfit for work for weeks or even months. Therefore, it often makes financial sense for large companies to tackle this problem before it develops. A workplace counsellor can help stop minor stress problems from developing, eliminating the number of working days lost to mental health problems.
Establish a reputation as an employer that cares about staff
Everyone wants to find an employer that genuinely cares about staff wellbeing. When your boss genuinely cares about you, it is much easier to maintain a passion for the company you work for too. Money spent on counselling services is arguably a more significant and more important statement than a dartboard for the staff room or an open bar at the Christmas party. Investing in your employees' mental health really shows you care about them.
Quick support within 7 days
From when your employee gets in touch, we'll aim to conduct the initial assessment within 7 business days. Often, though, we're able to do it as immediately as within 1 or 2 business days. The speed we can respond to your employee's needs is oftentimes much quicker than public healthcare through the NHS.
What we listen to the most

Common employee concerns

The following is a list of the most common concerns that bring employees to counselling. Without the necessary support, they could decrease your employees' quality of life, interfere with job performance, reduce profits and decrease the organisation's productivity.
Emotional wellness
Mood disorders
Chemical dependency (drugs and alcohol)
Life coaching
Concerns about ageing parents
Financial counselling
Addictions: gambling, spending, etc.
Domestic violence
Grief and loss
Marital and family
Stress and time management
Giving your workforce the necessary support

How does it work?

For employers

Getting started with our workplace counselling service is straightforward.

Decide today
Make a positive impact on your employees' health and wellbeing by signing up for our counselling services.
Contact us
Whether via phone call or email, get in touch, and we'll walk you through the next steps on getting set up.
Inform your employees
Share the exciting news with your employees and encourage them to take advantage of the service.

For employees

The process for your workers to utilise our service is non-intrusive and supportive.

Get in touch
Whether via phone call or email, your employee will need to contact us about using the counselling service.
Initial assessment
With the employee, we'll arrange a date and time for the initial assessment in which one of our counsellors will conduct an in-depth evaluation of their situation and identify a possible treatment approach. We'll aim to complete this within 7 working days from when they get in touch.
Ongoing support
We'll continue to support your employee up to the maximum of 12 sessions unless you approve an extension.

Price & payment terms

We aim to keep our pricing simple and upfront. There are no hidden costs. You'll know exactly what you'll pay from the outset.


Engaging our retainer services includes two charges:

  1. A retainer fee of £10 for each employee
  2. The cost of each counselling session an employee uses, which is £45
Employers receive up to 40% discount on every counselling session compared to the pay as you go option. 
Example month

If your organisation has 10 employees and in a given month, they utilise a total of 6 sessions, you'll be charged:

  • Retainer fee: £10 x 9 employees = £90
  • Counselling session fees: 6 sessions x £45 per session = £270
  • Total to pay = £360

Pay as you go

Suppose you'd like to consider using our therapy services on a case-by-case basis, we'd be happy to support your employees. You'll be charged one flat fee for every counselling session used by an employee. The process of an employee utilising our services is the same as the retainer option.

The cost of this service is

  • Non-profit organisation: £65
  • For-profit organisation: £75

Summary of retainer payment terms

Here's an overview of some of the essential financial information you might want to know. You can read our detailed terms and conditions here.

  • Support will begin on the 1st of the following month
  • The retainer service will be contracted for either 6 or 12 months
  • We'll invoice within 14 days of the next month, and our payment terms are 30 days from the invoice date
  • Fees are including VAT

Frequently asked questions

Will you tell us which employees are receiving counselling?

Yes, but we'll never disclose the nature of the support unless there's a need as defined in our confidentiality practices.

Are you insured, DBS checked and accredited by a counselling body?
Absolutely. We wouldn't be worth our weight in salt if we weren't. All of our counsellors are accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and work within the framework of the BACP code of ethics.
How are you providing employee counselling during this COVID-19 pandemic?
Many individuals and businesses have been affected by this disease, and to reduce the risk of transmission, all sessions are currently taking place online through our video portal or telephone. Your employee won't be required to install any software. The video portal is straightforward to use; even for the least technically savvy individuals.
How will we know you're not billing us for imaginary sessions?

All of our EAP counsellors are accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and work within the framework of the BACP code of ethics. Our organisation is built on the bedrock of honesty, transparency and authenticity. We couldn't operate – let alone thrive – if we were not treating our clients fairly and justly.

Where can I read your terms and conditions?
You can read them by clicking here.
Will you be able to share with us what our employee discusses with you?
The therapeutic support we provide is confidential to give employees an avenue to talk about sensitive issues and receive treatment confidentially. We would only break confidentiality in specific situations, which you can read more about here.

Join our workplace counselling program

Tailored therapeutic support for businesses and organisations supporting their clients and employees.
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We help individuals who are struggling to manage life’s challenges by providing therapeutic support to be the best version of themselves.
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Be the best version of you
Our mission is to enable this
Online & COVID-19 friendly
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Fast and secure payments
We help individuals who are struggling to manage life’s challenges by providing therapeutic support to be the best version of themselves.
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